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We are one of the best weight loss clinic in Turnersville, New Jersey , our Weight Management Program is one of the most successful weight loss programs when followed correctly. On your initial consultation, our providers will evaluate and discuss with you different options of weight loss packages that will help you meet your weight loss goals. We are one of the best weight loss clinics offer FDA-approved prescription supplements proven successful when taken as prescribed. Patients are followed up monthly to evaluate their progress at our weight management clinic at Mediversity.

  • HCG Injections: A hormone secreted by the placenta during pregnancy shown to correlate with weight loss. Daily injections of .125 units are recommended. Benefits include positive effects on mood, increased energy levels, and relief of back pain and migraines. Mediversity is the best HCG clinic with the team of expert weight management experts provides affordable HCG shots cost.
  • Semaglutide Injection:A once-a-week injection. Suppresses the appetite by a glucagon-like peptide hormone binding to the brain receptors which control hunger. At one of the best weightloss clinics – Mediversity, benefits of semaglutide injection in weight loss packages includes decreased blood pressure, reduced pain, lower risk of cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction, better lung function, enhanced libido, reduced stroke and heart attack risk, increased self-esteem, better sleep, lower triglycerides, improved mood and mobility, decrease in joint damage, and improved insulin resistance.
    Get this weekly injection to boost energy and weight loss at medical weight loss health center – Mediversity.
  • MIC Injection: A weekly injection helping to boost energy and weight loss.
  • NANO-MIC SPRAY: Increase the metabolism of fats and enhance weight loss with Nano-Mic spray at one of the best treatment centers for weight loss, Mediversity.
  • Probiotics: Reduce fat absorption by blocking the fat and flushing it out of the body. Medical weight loss doctor Assists with a longer feeling of fullness and can also assist with sugar cravings.
    • UltraFlora Control: weightloss consultant use UltraFlora Control to control body fat and body weight.
    • UltraFlora Women’s:Targets the vaginal and urinary tract, maintaining a balanced vaginal microbiota and a healthy vaginal tract. Best weight loss doctor at Mediversity use UltraFlora to help women to manage vaginal microbiota.
  • Phentermine: Phentermine tablet is used in medical weight loss clinic diet plan to suppress appetite and increase weight loss.

    Mediversity is one of the best and top leading weight loss center that provides several affordable weight loss supplement for men ,and women. For teens, who are suffering from obesity and struggling to loss weight we have customized weight loss programs for teens to help them out. If you are looking for low-cost weight loss and weight loss 10 packages in New Jersey, search “weight loss in new jersey”.and get the best services at affordable rates.


Patient Information

Mediversity offers a new, personalized, non-surgical science-based approach to losing weight and improving fitness. In addition to ongoing medical supervision and assistance, we empower patients with the knowledge and skills to proactively manage their own health. Our program goes beyond calorie counting to create a program you can maintain for life.
Those that aren’t seeing their desired results at the gym or after dieting are ideal candidates for the medical weight loss programs at Mediversity. Whether you need to lose 10 or 110 pounds, we can help you reach your weight loss goals. Our medical team will develop a customized program that will help you lose weight and transition into a healthier lifestyle.
Your healthcare professional will create a personalized plan for you that helps you succeed and begin new habits that will transform your weight, level of fitness and satisfaction. We ensure you have ongoing support and monitoring when you need it. Your own weight loss goals define how long the program ‘takes’, but health and eating habits to maintain your ideal weight or fitness requires long-term changes. Our team will help you create a plan that works for you.
Recent physicals or tests conducted by your Primary Care Physician are acceptable. For us to retrieve this information, you will be required to sign a release form during your Initial Consultation.
When you come in for your consultation, the healthcare professional will thoroughly review your medical history and discuss it with you to review any contraindications or potential issues.
Yes! A health condition is one of the main reasons for enrolling in a medically supervised program. Obesity and being overweight can be significant factors to a variety of medical conditions, as well as vice-a-versa – medical conditions and medications can contribute to weight challenges. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that your weight loss process is done safely.
The BMI or Body Mass Index is a calculation which takes your weight in kilograms (kg) divided by your height in meters (m)squared. Since your BMI describes your body weight relative to height, it correlates strongly with your amount of body fat. However, it is not a direct measure of body fat, and by itself is only an indicator of obesity/overweight. For example, very muscular individuals can have a high BMI without being overweight. Because of this, other methods such as calculating waist-to-hip circumference ratios are also used to evaluate obesity. Note that BMI is used differently for children. For Adults, these are the generally accepted ranges within BMI: Normal weight 18.5 – 24.9 Overweight 25-29.9 Class I Obesity 30 – 34.9 Class II Obesity 35 – 39.9 Class III Obesity 40+
Patients who follow their programs and maintain their in-clinic treatments and evaluations tend to see results within the month that treatment begins.
The Mediversity team will provide the program, tools and guidance to help you succeed. The success rate of the program is entirely dependent on the individual, their commitment to their weight loss program and the goals they have set for themselves.
Program fees can vary for each individual and are based on your own weight loss goals and medical needs. Book a consultation with us today to discuss your options.
We recommend you speak with your tax accountant to determine whether our program can be deducted from your taxes.
Every patient is different, and how much weight you can lose depends on your personal Body Mass Index, health conditions, motivation level and goals. Our staff will design your weight loss program and monitor your progress so that you can safely achieve your goals. Then it’s up to you to take action and follow the recommended program we’ve designed specifically for you.
This will vary by individual and your own goals. To lose weight quickly, and safely, medical supervision is highly recommended. Plus, you get the added benefit of learning habits to help you keep the weight off.
Exercise is not a required component of our approach, but we do encourage exercise and physical activity to improve your weight loss, fitness level and to help you feel better overall.
We will work with you to find a solution together that advances and sustains your weight loss and health gain goals. Sometimes our patients find they have actually gained muscle and lost fat and the scale doesn’t know the difference!
Our diet consists of real food that you can purchase at your grocery store. We educate you on appropriate food choices and portion sizes because this is not a quick fix. This program is geared to help you make a lifestyle change so you succeed in your goals. Patients looking for recipe ideas and to simplify meal planning will love our Mediversity cookbook.
Every patient is different, and how much weight you can lose depends on your personal Body Mass Index, health conditions, motivation level and goals. Our staff will design your weight loss program and monitor your progress so that you can safely achieve your goals. Then it’s up to you to take action and follow the recommended program we’ve designed specifically for you.
Obesity increases the risk of developing diseases including: Type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes High blood pressure (hypertension) Stroke (cerebrovascular accident or CVA) Heart attack (myocardial infarction or MI) Heart failure (congestive heart failure) Cancer (certain forms such as cancer of the prostate and cancer of the colon and rectum) Gallstones and gall bladder disease (cholecystitis) Gout and gouty arthritis Osteoarthritis (degenerative arthritis) of the knees, hips, and the lower back Sleep apnea (failure to breath normally during sleep, lowering blood oxygen)
It is up to your insurance company as to whether or not they will cover our services. Recently, more and more insurance companies have begun covering the costs of services like ours. Talk to your insurance company, some of them will cover our services under “health and wellness”. If your carrier does cover our services we can provide you with all the necessary documentation so that you may be reimbursed.