Primary Care

Primary Care

Mediversity Health is fully staffed with Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Medical Assistants, and Medical Professionals who are trained and equipped to handle all of your diverse medical needs.

Laboratory Services

On-site lab work available

Save time by having laboratory work done on-site.

Physical Therapy

On-site PT coordinators and therapists available

We want you back in action asap!

Sleep Medicine

Sleep related disorders in both children and adults.

Arrange for a sleep home study today.


Why bless you!

We diagnose and treat all allergies affecting the immune system.

House Calls

Exceptional remote home quality care

Be seen by our team in the comfort and convenience of your own home.


Be seen by our residential psychiatrist

Our team member Dr. Allen Masry specializes in Addiction Psychiatry.


Measure your daily activities

Monitors help us determine the best combinations of test and medicines for your heart.


Are you having a Girl or Boy?

At Mediversity Health, we have our own Ultrasound Technicians and equipment to ensure the best care.


A healthy heart, always

We offer the best in Echocardiogram testing to ensure your healthy heart beats at the pace of Life.

Pulmonary Function Testing

The Air your breathe

We offer a full battery of Pulmonary (Lungs) function tests to for treatment, prevention, and diagnosis of all lung diseases.

Balance Testing

Feeling off balance?

Many balance disorders are caused by central nervous system abnormalities, cardiovascular problems, or both.


Certified and Listed on National Registry

Mediversity is certified and listed by the National Registry to perform Physical Exams for all CDL requirements.


Approved treatment care

We help clients alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

Metabolism Testing

What’s your unique metabolic type?

Discover your metabolic type today with our metabolism testing.

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