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    Botox 25 units + Rosalieve or Retinol MD

    $449.99 $399.99

    Botox 25 units + Rosalieve or Retinol MD

    Brow Filler and Liner

    • Dual action makeup beautifies both the eyelids and the eyebrows
    • Frames the eyes with just the right amount of color
    • Enhances the shape of the eyebrows and fills in color for a more defined, thicker appearance
    • Use wet or dry to achieve a variety of looks

    C-ESTA Cleansing Gel


    C-ESTA Cleansing Gel, containing DMAE, is a potent skin conditioner that produces a luxurious lather. It is suitable for any skin type and results in a noticeably softer, smoother, more refined skin texture. It is also an excellent foaming cleanser that is great for daily use and whenever cleansers containing glycolic acid may not be appropriate.

    Available in an 8 oz. pump.

    C-ESTA Eye Repair Concentrate


    C-ESTA Eye Repair Concentrate is an intensive antioxidant formula containing high concentrations of Vitamin C along with DMAE, CoEnzyme Q10 and other revolutionary topical agents to counteract many visible aging changes by promoting the appearance of a tighter, firmer, lifted and more resilient eye area.

    Available in a 1/2 oz. pump.

    C-ESTA Facial


    With both lipid soluble Vitamin C and DMAE to boost collagen production, repair free radical damage and enhance facial tone, the C-ESTA facial will provide instant visible results. Skin will appear smoother, brighter, suppler, firmer and lifted with a more defined facial contour.

    C-ESTA Lips


    C-ESTA Lips, containing DMAE and Vitamin C, delivers potent antioxidant protection designed specifically for the delicate lip area and surrounding contour. Lips will appear more defined, smoother, firmer and hydrated. With continued use, C-ESTA Lips will support healing and rejuvenation of dry, environmentally damaged lips and contour.

    Available in a 1/2 oz. tube.

    C-ESTA Serum


    C-ESTA Serum is a powerful antioxidant solution for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. Vitamin C and DMAE lift, firm & tighten the appearance of facial contours while providing added environmental and free-radical protection with superior penetration for more dramatic results. With continued use, lines will appear far less pronounced, facial contours more defined and skin tone will visibly improve for noticeably younger, healthier looking skin.

    • 1 oz. pump
    • 8 oz. bottle for Clinical/Professional use only

    Clarify Peel


    Ideal for anyone seeking a serious solution for acne, acne scarring and oily skin.  Lipid soluble acids dissolve oil to penetrated into and clear follicles for maximum results.  Great solution for resurfacing and rejuvenation on ethnic skin with less wounding.

    Clean Zyme Cleanser


    Clean Zyme Cleanser and Skin Zyme Mask are supplemental home care exfoliation products that have the ability to digest dead skin cells without harming sensitive or irritated tissues. Benefits of other resurfacing agents are dramatically accelerated and desired results are more rapidly obtained with regard to skin rejuvenation, acne, hyperpigmentation and scar reduction.

    Contains both the enzymatic cleanser and mask for gentle exfoliation and glowing skin.

    Clean Zyme: 4 oz. bottle

    Skin Zyme: 2 oz. jar

    Crushed Mineral Color


    What it is:

    100% pure mineral pigments for eyes, lips or face made complete free of talc or fillers.

    Emani Color Dust goes on sheer or for an intense finish, just wet brush and apply. Blend with an Emani Base Transformer to create beautiful lip colors!  Smaller particle size giving a smooth, true and high pay off color and also allows the ease of blending of multiple colors together and creating your own customize colors.