Phone Consultation


Phone Consult: $50/ per call up to 1/2 hour.

Phone Consult: Allows you to simply pick up a phone and get connected to a licensed Mediversity Health physician. Our phone consult service offers two types of telephone medical consultations. Our members can consult with a licensed physician within minutes via a members-only toll free hotline or schedule a time for the doctor to call them for a more in-depth consultation. [dt_sc_blockquote type=”type2″ align=”right”]The most accessible and most comprehensive service available. We are the most accessible because our physicians can be contacted either via telephone or secure e-mail. We are comprehensive and we offer informative support tools and time-saving convenience to our busy patients![/dt_sc_blockquote] A Phone Consultation provides the most comprehensive access available! We offer two types of telephone medical consultations:

On Call: Consult in minutes. Just pick up the phone (text options are also available), dial the number provided after payment, and get connected to a doctor within minutes. The On Call Service should be utilized when you are seeking information on medical conditions, want advice or recommendations for common conditions.
Priority / By Appointment: Within a couple hours or less, or appointments usually available by next day. This is our most comprehensive consultation. Our physicians review your Medical Assessment and History Questionnaire prior to consult giving our members specific answers to their concerns, medical questions and when requesting medication. You can follow up at our Turnersville or Salem, NJ Office. (Requires a completed online Medical Assessment and History Questionnaire prior to consult.)


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