Healthy Families Press Release

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Healthy Families Press Release


January 12, 2017

Press Release

Creating a Healthy Future

Cherry Hill, NJ – Mediversity Health  is excited to announce a new approach for helping their community – one family at a time.  Healthy Families Create Healthy Futures is a new philosophy that focuses on promoting small, gradual changes in lifestyle to yield big results.  They promote that by simply choosing an apple over apple juice a person can add fiber to their day, by choosing a healthy snack over a less nutritious snack or simply walking 10 minutes a day – they can experience changes in their health, including weight loss and weight control. The goal is to teach families how to incorporate nutrition into every meal, help them understand how small changes can enhance their health and to provide a foundation so the entire family can lead longer, happier and healthier lives together.

The facts about the obesity epidemic:

  • One in every three Americans suffers from obesity
  • During the past 20 years there has been a dramatic increase in obesity statistics in the United States.
  • Obese persons have lesser concentration levels and get tired easily, which can pose challenges in their careers, education and their participation in social activities.
  • Obesity affects the financial health of a family as estimates suggest that a family with an obese member spends 30% more in health costs and 77% more in medication costs.

By encouraging each other to make small changes and live healthier lives we can make steps to combat the obesity epidemic and promote a healthier future for the entire community.

Benefits to the Community

  • Healthier children, adults and elderly parents
  • Starting with small changes, a person won’t be inconvenienced or overwhelmed
  • Everyone gains when they lose weight
  • Losing weight is easier when eating and working together

Call Mediversity Health at 856.740.9777 or visit to learn how we can help you create a healthier future for yourself and your family.

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