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Mediversity Health Practice Guidelines:

1.1 Contacting Our Office During Business Hours

Our office staff is available to take your calls from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 7 pm.

Contacting Our Office During Non-Business Hours

You can always get in touch with a physician, even when the office is closed. There is an answering service that will take emergency medical calls after regular business hours and relay them to the doctor on call.

1.2 Participating Insurance Plans

We accept most insurances plans.

1.3 Coordinating Your Care

As a patient-centered medical home, our goal is to work in partnership with you and your family to meet your healthcare needs, including physical, emotional and supportive care. So that we can provide you with seamless care across the spectrum of medical care settings, please provide us with your complete medical history including your medications, current health status, and your ability to manage your health between office visits.

1.4 When You Are Sick

You may call the office to schedule an appointment. We can usually accommodate you on the same day if you call before 11 am. If you become sick outside of regular office hours or need to speak to a physician urgently, you can still call us. One of our physicians is on call at all times, including holidays, and can be reached at any time by calling our office at 856-740-9777.

1.5 Prescription Refills

You may call the pharmacy and leave your information and the pharmacy will get in touch with our office for approval.

1.6 Referral requests

Referral requests generally take 48 hours (2 days) to process. Referral requests may be called in to the office during regular business hours or given to the front desk staff during your appointment. The following information is needed to process a referral to a specialist:

  1. Name of specialist
  2. Type of visit and/or testing being done
  3. The specialist or practice NPI number
  4. Your diagnosis (the condition that you are being seen in)
  5. The diagnosis code (usually given to you by our office or the specialist’s office)
  6. Date of appointment. You must have an appointment scheduled in order for a referral to be processed

1.7 Transferring records to our office

All your medical records may be sent directly to our office through the mail or via fax. Please be sure to send them to the attention of Medical Records.

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